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In Vecta Design we believe in excellent quality, inspiring design and an amazing finishing. What kind of an interior design You have, will have a great impact on the atmosphere and the look of a room as well as on the emotions the room will evoke. The brand Vecta Design was established in 2006 – with the vision to be the market leading solution provider of stretch ceilings. In the beginning the company started with the production of stretch ceilings. Nowadays we offer a complete line of products with many unique profiles and new lighting solutions in combination with certified quality and variation of stretch ceiling materials. We offer everything one professional needs in order to create modern-day elegant and consistently exciting interior design. The fifth wall is a key element in a room design scheme and we want our created stretch ceilings to be a well-thought design representing solutions.

Thinking globally
Vecta Design exports more than 80% of its products and is working with partners across the world on day to day basis.
Creating new and exciting products has always been one of our biggest assets in terms of staying ahead of competition.
Service and technical support
We are always here for our partners and clients so please feel free to contact us whenever questions may arise.
Approved by customers
Vecta Design and its partners have installed thousands of ceilings around the world and continues to do so thanks to all of our happy customers.


Choose from hundreds of ceilings and profiles


Choose from hundreds of ceilings and profiles

Print Ceilings

A printed ceiling is a great way to personalize Your space. It can be used in the ceilings, on the walls, covering the design lamps, and on wall and ceiling panels. Printed interior design elements are eye-catching details that shape the interior design as a whole. Depending on the purpose, printed elements can give space liveliness and create ambient experience solutions, but also calm, encourage or provide a suitable distraction for example in healthcare. In pediatric healthcare, in dental offices, kindergartens, and other places where the design sensitivity and users' needs should be even more in focus, the printed ceiling and wall solution can be much more than just a decoration element. Printed ceiling or wall can therefore be an important part of the customer journey.

We can print up to 5m wide stretch materials and on any texture of ceiling and any color of films: matte, satin, lacquer, translucent, metallic. Inks that are used in the UV-printer are ecological and free from harmful substances and have no odor. To get the most accurate color in the printing process we use the X-Rite Pro tool, which is ideal for such creative designs, as we are dealing with. The tool helps us in creating custom, high-quality, and most accurate colors needed in the printing project. 

Wall Solutions

Having a flawless surface on walls is very easy to achieve. With printed or textile canvas such walls can add uniqueness and classy touch in every interior style. You can even effectively highlight Your walls and add a light source on the walls when combining our walls with appropriate light profiles. Are you worried about how the wall made of stretch material will withstand any pressure, pets, or unexpectedly acting children? We have installed stretch ceilings to homes where there are cats and dogs, babies and active children playing all along with the room –
the material has withstood all these potential hazards. Moreover, the test in which we fired the cap of the champagne bottle, at a speed of 40 km per hour, on the surface of the stretch ceiling, showed that the cap did nothing to the stretch ceiling, no visible damage occurred and everything was in perfect condition as before. The resistance of the material to unexpected damage, including water damage (the material is water repellent), is a significant advantage of the product.

Acoustic Solutions

Unreasonable noise can cause stress, productivity losses in the workplace, communication difficulties, and fatigue from lack of sleep, to more serious issues. Noise pollution is a serious health concern worth our attention. But Vecta Design can help – we are offering a realistic, guaranteed, and sustainable way to reduce such an environmental threat. Whenever there is a need to improve room acoustics, our soundproofing ceiling solutions are an easy, elegant, and effective way to make any space acoustical quality better. We also offer tailor-made wall and ceiling panels with maximum, class A, sound-absorbing qualities, and custom design printed on those practical panels.

Rooms with good acoustics maintain people's health, ensure smooth communication, affect people's well-being, and also promote productivity. For your next construction projects and objects under renovation to receive an acoustic solution that takes into account the needs of the inhabitants, workers, and users, we recommend involving an acoustics expert who knows architecture, technology, and physics. Vecta Design is cooperating with Linda Madalik, an experienced acoustics expert, who knows where and exactly how much acoustic solution is needed to install for the acoustic comfort to be guaranteed in each room.

Cornice solutions

Among our profile systems, there are solutions for those who would like to create a soft mood lighting impact that provides additional warmth into a room without being overly dramatic. This profile enables us to light up the ceiling and to create an extra spacious effect at the same time.

Linear lighting solutions

You can use light lines as a decoration element or even as the main light source of the room. Sharp light lines give you endless design possibilities. Create logos, meaningful patterns, use different light tones, and cover the ceilings as well as the walls with our light profiles to make the space look even more original. Vecta Design linear light solutions help to brighten a room, add visually charming effects, and are an important functional element in the room.

Profile Systems

Whatever constructive task you need to do, Vecta Design's profile line is just as versatile and you can always find a reliable and durable product among our profiles. Security is one of the most important values we believe in and this is why our profiles are high with the aluminum content (with different aluminum alloy, depending on the specific type of product), which ensures the highest stability possible.

Why prefer aluminum profiles? Because aluminum is a versatile, lightweight, durable, and ductile metal. Compared to other metals, including steel, aluminum weighs less. Aluminum is one-third the weight of other metals, including steel, brass, and copper. Aluminum is cost-effective because it has a weight savings of up to 40 percent compared to steel structures.

Unlike steel, aluminum is naturally non-corrosive. Aluminum forms an oxide film that naturally protects the metal from corrosion. This natural corrosion protection occurs when aluminum reacts with oxygen. The resulting barrier protects the metal from various compounds, including water and further contact with oxygen. This natural barrier is one reason that aluminum is more beneficial in some environments than carbon steel and some stainless steel. We make our aluminum profiles even more suitable solution in high-humidity rooms like bathrooms, spas, rooms with pool in it, etc. by anodizing the profiles. Anodising increases resistance to corrosion and wear, and provides better adhesion for paint primers.

Aluminum’s elasticity means that engineers and designers have more freedom to create complex structures with the profiles made of aluminum. Aluminum’s ductility produces safer and more efficient structures than steel, which can be cracked.

Our profiles meet the certification class E6EV1. A qualitatively higher level of surface treatment is provided by the satin finishing, being referred to as standard E6-finish, which is one of the most important pre-treatment operations before actual anodizing operation.

Ceiling mounting structures and wall panel systems created with our profile solutions are beneficial by all means!

Mirror Modules

Mirror ceiling (or wall) panels as a luxurious design element, more often seen in design magazines, are now available to everyone. You don't have to mount to the ceiling real mirrors made of heavy and dangerous glass, but instead use practical and reliable mirror stretch ceiling tiles, that can be used in various ways. Mirror stretch material can be used as decorative elements with different shapes, colors, and sizes, but there is also a possibility to print on a mirror material and combine it with other materials. Natural as well as the artificial light creates fascinating effects when mirror modules are installed in the room.

Modular Lightings

Stretch material is an ideal product to form any imaginable structures or designs to add some creative elements to the floor (with special supports added – legs), on the walls or in the ceiling – either to hang on the ceiling or be fastened on the base ceiling. Modular profiles give the flexibility to construct low weight frames and durable designs for every purpose - either as decorative elements or as lamps, which are easily adaptable in different interiors and they give endless charming design options.

The modular light solutions are fascinating design elements that will add personality to any room. You can have a special light solution in different shapes, changing colors, varied intensity, and many exciting motions adapted to the modules. New technology allows us to bent aluminum profiles, which is ideal for creating round lamps and any other suitable forms. After bending the profiles they must be painted. We offer various types of paints like glossy, matte, satin, and a wide assortment of shades. Our modules are equipped with corner fixation parts, LED lamps, power supply, and PVC film. As an option, such additional parts are available as a power supply unit with a dimmer function, the ability to print on the stretch ceiling any illustrative photos or patterns, and add various elements for suspensions and supports. We can create also convenient mobile solutions that can be transported to various events and be used multiple times. 

A well-designed lighting solution helps to ensure that harmonic and functional properties of light are well-balanced in space. Whether you aim to create the perfect atmosphere, add dynamism, energize the space, add ambiance with color, or complement the decor – our team will help to find the perfect solution for You.

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CEO AKSA s.r.o / Czech Republic

I appreciate the quality products that Vecta Design supply to us. We have completed over 800 projects with their ceilings with no serious problem. The innovations that this company offers are very useful for us to create unusual and unique solutions for our clients. I also would like to emphasize that any contact that we have had with have Vecta Design, has always been handled in a proffesional manner. It is a pleasure to do business with you.


CEO Vecta Design UK Limited

We have been the exclusive distributor of Vectadesign products in the UK for the last six years. During this time, we have enjoyed a great working relationship and have benefitted from their design advice, technical support and logistics solutions.

Victoria Dumbrava

Apollon Design / Greece

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for Vecta Design prompt and efficient service in the duration of our successful co-operation these past 10 years. Our orders that we have had, have been handled with utmost professionalism meeting the expectations of the project demands from prompt & speedy responses, meeting delivery deadlines, quality control and design. When your sales team is “called to action” action is what we get. We trust that this fruitful relationship will continue for years to come.

Томас Кучинскас, Аида Ишганайтите Кугеле

POSTFORMA / Lithuania

Мы в восторге от нашего нового творения, интерьер квартиры в Каунасе. Мы наблюдали, как старая аура дома трансформируется в новые пространства, рушатся старые стены и повышается качество жизни. Мотивы веток в городской суете уходят в воспоминания о лесе и природе. Зелень и синий высвобождают мечты и фантазии. В мебели и потолке мерзнут ветви деревьев, в доме запах натурального дуба. Черное и белое в диалоге создают вечную гармонию контраста. Напряженная ткань потолка и белая молния поражают неожиданного прохожего.

Adeline, assistante commerciale et Michel Redureau, Gérant

ETS Redureau / France

Le travail d'équipe que nous avons expérimenté lors de la coopération avec Vecta Design s'est déroulé sans effort et avec compassion. Ils se concentrent vraiment sur la précision, les normes de qualité les plus élevées et un design réfléchi. Que le souhait d'un client soit aussi unique que possible, il n'y a pas de défi insoluble pour lui. Nous sommes satisfaits et nos clients sont également satisfaits. La relation commerciale est excellente et nous avons plaisir à travailler avec Vecta Design.

Sarah B.

LHV Design/ Canada

Vecta Design est une entreprise avec un professionnalisme exemplaire qui reflète nos valeurs d'éthique, d'intégrité et d'honnêteté. Depuis le début de notre partenariat en 2015, Vecta Design n'a cessé de miser sur de la précision, des normes de qualités très élevées et un design réfléchi ; trois éléments essentiels pour nous et nos clients. Leur précision, leur service à la clientèle exceptionnel ainsi que leur esprit d'équipe vont de pair avec la vision de LHV Design. Nous souhaitons longue vie à notre partenaire Vecta Design !

Ercan Balci

Eseo Design/ France

Ayant découvert Vecta Design, après avoir travaillé avec d'autres marques, Je peux vous affirmer que la qualité et la compétence que propose Vecta valent le détour. Les délais sont tenus, techniciens et chargées d'affaires à l'écoute, plus de soucis de toiles défectueuses,  quantité de coloris et finitions, une large gamme de profilés qui nous ouvrent des horizons  pour proposer des nouveaux concepts à nos clients. A chaque problématique, ils ont la solution. Mêmes nos clients le disent : " Vous avez changé de marque? Car c'est plus beau qu'avant.." Merci à Anna et à toutes les équipes Vecta

We have had a pleasure to work with many industry leading companies across the world. The five star feedback from our clients is what keeps us moving forward.


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