13 Years of experience

In Vecta Design we believe in excellent quality, inspiring design and an amazing finishing. What kind of an interior design You have, will have a great impact on the atmosphere and the look of a room as well as on the emotions the room will evoke. The brand Vecta Design was established in 2006 – with the vision to be the market leading solution provider of stretch ceilings. In the beginning the company started with the production of stretch ceilings. Nowadays we offer a complete line of products with many unique profiles and new lighting solutions in combination with excellent quality and variation of stretch ceiling materials. We offer everything one professional needs in order to create modern-day elegant and consistently exciting interior design.

Thinking globally
Vecta Design exports more than 80% of its products and is working with partners across the world on day to day basis.
Creating new and exciting products has always been one of our biggest assets in terms of staying ahead of competition.
Service and technical support
We are always here for our partners and clients so please feel free to contact us whenever questions may arise.
Approved by customers
Vecta Design and its partners have installed thousands of ceilings around the world and continues to do so thanks to all of our happy customers.