The Smart Air System®

Overview of the SmartAir AL32

The SmartAir AL32 is a sleek, modern linear air diffuser designed to enhance indoor air quality and comfort. Its slim profile makes it easy to install and integrate with various ceiling types, ensuring a comfortable climate and seamless indoor installation.

Draught-Free Air Distribution

The Vecta Design’s linear diffuser allows for adjustable air flow direction, spreading fresh air evenly throughout the room. The air exits vertically through small ducts, creating a gentle, indirect, and comfortable airflow.


The SmartAir system keeps ceilings cleaner for longer compared to traditional air diffusers, reducing maintenance needs.

Easy Installation

The SmartAir profile is designed for straightforward integration with gypsum board, requiring no additional construction efforts. It includes a harpoon lock for easy stretch ceiling installation, enhancing the efficiency of your existing ventilation system with minimal effort.

Versatile Profile

The SmartAir system can be integrated into both stretch and plasterboard ceilings, or a combination of both, offering flexibility for various architectural designs.

Sleek Design

The ultra-slim, elegant diffuser profiles blend seamlessly with any interior. They can be painted in any RAL color to match or contrast with the ceiling, providing both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Ceiling Pressure Control

The SmartAir system equalizes pressure above the ceiling, which is crucial for larger areas, ensuring balanced air distribution.

Insulated Air Chamber

The system includes an air chamber with optional additional insulation, making it suitable for particularly hot climates and preventing energy loss during cooling.

Continuous Airflow

Fresh air is distributed continuously and evenly, avoiding the discomfort often caused by direct airflow.

Installation Process

Mounting Scheme

The SmartAir diffuser is meticulously designed to channel fresh air through small ducts, directing it into the room while allowing stale air to rise and exit through the profile. This efficient air exchange reduces the need for additional cooling.

The system can be used in both private and public spaces, easily connecting to existing ventilation systems. For high-humidity areas, like swimming pools, the air chamber can be made of stainless steel.


The SmartAir system includes a black anodized AL32 base profile, a white or black diffuser (with customizable RAL colors), and a galvanized steel air chamber. Optional insulation enhances its suitability for hot climates.


A meter of SmartAir profile combined with an air chamber can handle up to 162 m³/h of fresh air, enough for a small office or large living area. It operates quietly, producing less noise than an average refrigerator at maximum capacity, and less than 20 decibels (the sound of rustling leaves) at average airflow. Extending the profiles and adding air chambers can further reduce air speed and noise levels, eliminating common ventilation system issues like noise and concentrated airflow.

Visit our YouTube channel to see videos showcasing our. You can  order a sample cases with Vecta Design profiles to experience our products firsthand.