Stretch Ceilings: Unlimited Possibilities

Transform Your Space with Stunning Stretch Ceilings

Discover new design possibilities with our stunning stretch ceilings. Made from a combination of special profiles and lightweight, waterproof films, our ceilings offer both elegance and functionality. Easy to install, they provide creative options for ceilings, wall coverings, unique lighting, and more.

Why Choose Stretch Ceilings?

Stretch ceilings offer unparalleled design flexibility and are perfect for both new constructions and renovations. They remain pristine even if the building settles, preventing cracks and cavities. Their excellent acoustic properties and water-resistance make them practical for various environments. Additionally, stretch ceilings can integrate creative lighting solutions and help with energy efficiency.

Perfectly Flat Ceilings: Frame + Film + Heat

Stretch ceilings, made of PVC film fixed to aluminum or PVC profiles around the room’s perimeter, create a seamless finish adaptable to any space.

Quick Installation: Specialized methods and materials ensure swift installation, minimizing renovation disruption.

Clean Finish: The non-porous material keeps rooms clean by inhibiting dust and mold accumulation.

Affordable Upgrade: Stretch ceilings provide stylish, practical solutions at an affordable price for any interior.

Versatile Options

Our stretch ceilings allow for the effortless creation of diverse 3D forms, enabling various design concepts.

3D form ceilings are crafted by designing multilevel framing structures using the latest fabrication technologies. These structures can be customized to any size and shape, then covered with the desired stretch film or printed film. They can be illuminated and mounted on ceilings, walls, and pillars to give your space a unique and extraordinary appearance.

Printed Ceilings and Walls

A printed ceiling or wall personalizes your space and creates a unique ambiance. At Vecta Design, we offer various printing options on stretch materials up to 5m wide in different textures and colors, including matte, satin, lacquer, translucent, and metallic finishes. Our UV-printer uses eco-friendly, odorless inks, and the X-Rite Pro tool ensures accurate color reproduction. Printed designs can enhance ceilings, walls, lamps, and panels, adding eye-catching details to your interior.


Vecta Design ensures top safety and performance by regularly testing its products to meet fire, acoustic, and thermal insulation standards. Our moisture-resistant, allergy-free stretch ceilings are ideal for high-humidity areas and public spaces. We offer certifications like IMO, ISO, CE, B-s1, d0, B-s2, d0, A+, UL, and ULC upon request. All products come with a 10-year warranty for long-term reliability.

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