Vecta Volume Innovative Art-Cut Decoration

Vecta Volume is an art-cut decoration of stretch ceilings. The plotter cut pattern can have any form, size, or design.

Dual-Sheet Structure for Visual Effects

The structure of Vecta Volume is always a combination of two sheets. One sheet is used as a protection layer or a background color, whereas the other one is cut artistically. Both sheets are installed at different distances (starting from very close to each other) creating different visual effects.

Versatile Application

Vecta Volume can be used as a decor for a luminous ceiling as well as for regular cover. A cutting plotter supports fast and precise cutting of a flexible material, regardless of whether it is with or without print. A minimum hole diameter is 1 cm. Cutting area is up to 290 cm wide and infinite in length.

Durable and Customizable

The holes can be of any size and shape (just avoid sharp corners). They will remain intact over time; they do not sag or distort even under differential temperatures.


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