Mirror panels

Introducing our latest innovation—mirror stretch ceilings with a harpoon system

These panels bring light, depth, and luxury to any room, creating an illusion of spaciousness and elegance. Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces, our panels are lightweight, safe, and come in stunning finishes like silver, gold, shadow and cooper.

Mirrored Ceilings: Transform Your Space

Mirrored ceilings instantly make rooms feel larger and brighter by reflecting and maximizing light, creating a stunning atmosphere while saving energy. No wonder they’re so trendy!

Why Choose Vecta Mirrored Ceilings?

Vecta mirrored ceilings are incredibly lightweight, up to 20 times lighter than traditional glass mirrors, ensuring safety without sacrificing style. Available in five stunning finishes—silver, gold, shadow and cooper—they can be installed in various frame styles and customized with any design.

Versatile and Elegant

Suitable for any space, from private apartments to vast commercial areas, Vecta mirrored ceilings can fulfill any project and achieve any goal beautifully.

A mirrored ceiling is a stylish and functional way to transform your interior, making small rooms feel larger and dark rooms brighter. Ideal for spaces with low ceilings, it can create the illusion of height. For a more intimate atmosphere, opt for matte or tinted finishes, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to any room.


Mirror Ceilings Profiles

For creating stunning mirrored ceilings, we recommend our specially crafted AL16 profile and AL17 double profile for framing and panel construction. With a width of 130cm, our mirrored material offers expansive possibilities. You can either order profiles for panels and assemble them yourself or opt for ready-made frames with mirrors. Additionally, we can tailor universal profiles to suit your project. Reach out to our manager today for the best offer tailored to your needs. Unlock the potential of your space with our exquisite mirrored ceilings.

Mirror Ceilings Training

Immerse yourself in the artistry of mirror installation with our revolutionary harpoon method, a hallmark of distinction that elevates our mirrored panels above traditional ceilings. Unlock the secrets of seamless integration through our specialized training program, conducted at our  training center. Take the first step towards mastering the craft of mirror installation—apply for our training course today and discover how our mirrors can transform the space with unparalleled elegance.


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Explore Our YouTube Channel

Visit our YouTube channel to see videos showcasing our mirror panels in action. Get a real sense of their appearance and quality, and don’t forget to order a sample to experience it yourself!