Superior Acoustics and Customized Lighting Solutions

Creating the perfect harmony in your space involves more than just superior acoustics; it’s about integrating lighting solutions tailored to your unique requirements. We believe that acoustic comfort and proper lighting are fundamental to promoting an atmosphere of well-being and productivity. By combining cutting-edge lighting technologies with premium acoustic products, we ensure unparalleled performance.

Why Acoustics Matter

A peaceful environment is crucial for work, relaxation, or socializing, and good lighting and acoustics play a key role. A calm setting boosts productivity and well-being, while excessive noise causes stress and health issues, so it’s important to choose fixtures that provide a serene atmosphere, considering factors such as light intensity, color temperature, absorption, and diffusion.


Sound diffusion refers to the scattering of sound waves throughout a space. Sound waves that aren’t absorbed by surfaces travel in various directions, creating unwanted noise. To mitigate this, acoustic ceiling sails with integrated lighting, such as BYSSO PRO, ORA PRO, or TETRA PRO, are positioned directly above noise sources like workstations or conference tables.

Acoustic Panels: Improving Sound with PVC Film

PVC film acoustic panels effectively enhance sound quality by absorbing and diffusing noise. Durable and sleek, they are ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, creating a serene and productive environment.


Sound behaves like any other form of energy, propagating throughout a room. When a sound wave strikes a surface, such as a wall, some of it reflects back into the room, while the rest, depending on the surface’s characteristics, gets absorbed. Materials with higher absorption coefficients contribute to optimizing room acoustics. For instance, our 24mm ARCHISONIC® material boasts a 75% absorption coefficient.

Request Technical Information and Consultation

Technical data provided is based on results obtained under typical testing conditions or extensive experience in normal conditions. For further technical specifications or to request a consultation with our experts, please download the technical information below or contact our sales team.

Vecta Backlit Acoustic Ceiling

Experience the perfect blend of design and functionality with our Backlit Acoustic Ceiling solution. This innovative system combines striking lighting with superior sound management, creating a visually stunning and acoustically balanced environment. Made from high-quality materials with customizable LED options, it enhances any space with beautiful illumination and effective sound control.

Sample Acoustic Solutions for Your Project

In addition to providing technical information and consultations, we offer the opportunity to order samples of our acoustic products tailored to your project needs. Experience firsthand the superior quality and performance of our acoustic solutions.

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