Wall and ceiling panels

Decorative and practical wall and ceiling panels,

which dimensions and visual design can be chosen by the customer. The panels can be installed both horizontally and vertically. We have three types of panels to offer to make You feel great and relaxed at home on in the office: 1) Thermo panels - add cozy warmness thanks to integrated infrared elements; 2) Silent panels - improve the room noise level which can harm your health, by adding sound-absorbing panels; 3) Vibrant panels - speaker system integrated to the decorative panels. An easy to use solution for those who have smartphones and other Bluetooth connected devices. The panels add some exclusive design in the room, no need to use out-of-date design speakers anymore.

Speaker system panels

Listening to music can be even more enjoyable

Acoustic panels

Reduce the everyday environmental noise in the space

Infrared panels

Provide additional warmth and cozyness to the space