New edition of Easy Light profile

The new edition of aluminum profile AL 35 is functional, flexible, and comfortable to use. The profile can be installed in the ceiling or to the walls and it works with any kind of material – with the stretch ceiling, and also with more traditional materials (gypsum for example). The profile enables you to relocate the different styles of lamps (9 different design lamps, various dimensions, and warm and cold light effects available) as often as needed.

This means that creating new, attractive light effects in the space will be done simply within seconds and costly construction investments are past in case one would like to change the interior lighting.

There are two ways to change the location of the lamp:

* slide the lamp along the profile or

* pull the lamp out and push it to the new position slightly

Profile AL35 is suitable to use in any room, no matter if the interior design is contemporary or more traditional looking. It will give also the possibility to combine different materials in the same room.

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Another great thing is that the light of the lamps is so discrete you can barely see the light source. It is called a dark light, which sets a more natural mood and creates a more harmonious, gentle light for the lighting atmosphere – while being easy on the eyes. This guarantees that you won’t need to ponder about the height or the location of the lights. To make use of your new solution as comfortable as possible, we also offer different ways to control the already adjusted lighting – you can use a wall switch or remote control.

Let`s create constant comfort!


Perfect profile to make space an eye-catching masterpiece

Vecta Design AL 25 is a profile that offers a universal solution in creating straight and sharp edges to the cornice whether it is used with gypsum or with a stretch ceiling. As a cherry to the top, we added indirect lighting possibility to the profile.

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Prearrival lamps

A well-designed product is durable, reliable, and comfortable to use. Those magnetic flexible lamps are created to be enjoyed and will definitely add some extra comfort to your everyday life!

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