Exciting interior design with a mirror effect

DAS HOUSE commercial building in Tallinn

Presentable and stylish commercial building, which, thanks to the well-thought-out design of M. Pressi Architecture Bureau and high-quality interior materials being used, leave an excellent overall impression on every guest starting from the lobby. On the back of a mirror ceiling covering more than 40 m2 in the entrance area was plenty of heating and ventilation pipes and sanitary equipment, which didn`t hinder us from achieving an esthetically enjoyable result. By preferring the mirror effect or any other stretch material, the minimum loss of height in the room is 2-3cm.

Versatile and flexible

Mirror effect stretch material can be installed on the ceiling as well as on the walls with the help of different profiles. The material can be used to turn hundreds of square meters of ceilings into a unique so-called fifth wall or to combine it with other ceiling materials, both natural (eg wood or stone) and alternative materials, such as gypsum or suspended ceilings. It is suitable for covering and decorating bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, as well as kitchens and corridors, large waiting rooms, lounges, service areas, and showrooms, as it works well in the temperature range of -15 degrees to +45 degrees and also withstands high humidity.

pinglagi, stretch ceiling, mirror ceilign, mirror efect, interior design, sisekujundus, peegellagi, vecta designADVANTAGES OF THE MATERIAL

*Flawless mirror effect,

*different colors,

*safe and indestructible,

*possibility to install devices easily on the ceiling,

*the ceiling can be reopened.

Compared to a mirror made of heavy glass (1 m2 approx. 10 kg), which due to its weight, puts strong pressure on the building structure. The creation of a stretch mirror ceiling is safe (1 m2 approx. 240g) both during and after the installation, especially for the room users. The eye-catching interior design adds multi-layered light effects to the room, creates optical illusions, including the added height effect and enriches the room with various color nuances. The material enables creating original and artistic solutions that add elegance, brilliance, and an impressive modern vibe. No less important is the fact that producing and installing a unique ceiling solution goes fast.

This flexible material is a universal solution, making it easy to create both timeless and uniquely modern interior architecture. Modules and panels made of stretch material with a mirror effect can be made in special shapes – sharp-edged, square, but also wavy. The material can be used to create a variety of impressive patterns in the room, but our UV printer makes it also possible to print any design on the material. Mirror modules can also be combined with other stretch materials, such as light ceilings made of translucent material, which eliminates the obligation to replace out of fashion chandeliers.


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