Profile AL 34

Modular lighting profile

AL 34 is designed to be more flexible, to create round-shaped lamps that offer a wide range of interior design options with a diffused, even, and relaxing backlight illumination included. The classical modular lamp would be covered with translucent stretch material, but to have more personalized products one can also order a high quality printed surface of the lamp that will influence the overall design of a room much more than other ordinary lighting fixtures. We recommend long-lasting LED light sources with a minimal color shift in time for durable and uniform lighting.

The profile is available in any powder coating RAL color and also with two different types of coatings – matt and glossy. Glossy coating, which makes colors more vivid and vibrant, is an additional layer applied on the outside edge of the profile.

modular lamps, stretch ceiling, interior design, rounded lamps, ümmargused lambid, laelamp, laevalgusti, vecta designThe profile can be bent in various rounded lamps. Minimum inside diameter of the rounded lamp - 80 cm. Different lamp shapes and sizes by request. The bent profiles are connected by an LC07 connection element.

To be stably attached, the modular lighting profile requires the stretch material to be equipped with an EXPO harpoon or the MINI harpoon. The modular lamps can be installed in three ways: 1) as hanging lamps, 2) fixed directly to the base ceiling and 3) on the walls as well. We recommend fastening the modular lamps CG by Vecta Design © 2020 with adjustable length cables with a suitable size of hooks for hanging the modular lamp.



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