Such a simple way to bring beauty to Your customers

The corridors are too often seen as just a basic walkway whereas in actual fact, due to how repeatedly it is used in our everyday life, it is rather one of the key places for generating pleasant feelings. The corridor must trigger off a feeling that something great is about to happen and that everything is possible. Adding Vecta Design elements in the corridor or other areas in the space can definitely make amazing changes regarding the overall impression and what kind of feelings the place will evoke.

Thule Koda a visiting center with a museum and a cinema in it. Located in Saaremaa, in Estonia, it is a place where the visitors can experience an adventurous and constantly exciting space, due to its charming design.

In this project, we used our AL-15 and AL-05 profiles, quality LED lighting (LR 42) and White translucent material. The profile frames were placed in the ceiling under 17 degrees corner. The combination of the light stripes and the material used installed in a pattern like that creates a nice 3D effect with some extra liveliness and dynamism in this corridor. The ceiling design seamlessly combines utility and beauty in one. The functionality comes from the light component, as light integrated in the ceiling is used as the main light source in this space. In order to avoid over or under-lighting a dimmer controller is used, to create exactly the appropriate brightness intensity and type of light. Such solution enables to make the atmosphere in the space either cozier or more formal. The play of light and shade allows us to attract attention.

Using print technology allows us to create an extra accent in the space, emphasize the created combination of the entire interior or just add decorative elements as modules, which would have their own story to tell. Well-planned and purposely used print solutions will create a cohesive look and beautify all kinds of spaces, especially the artsy ones.

Good design is everything, this is why we are committed to creating a design that evokes excitement and astonishment.

As a heritage conservation object, Estonian famous artillery tower "Paks Margareeta" was a really interesting challenge for Vecta Design team. Installing light modules, which were in some case 20 m long in such a historically unique and precious space needs careful planning and dedicated mounting. All 12 elements were placed in about 2 weeks period. Half of the curved shape light module solutions are created with white painted profile AL 22, white translucent material and Osram high-quality LED lights. The other half, partially different shaped light ceilings have been installed in recessed gypsum board drafts. We have delivered a time-proof solution in which the enjoyable quality will remain and will keep the owner off from annoying need for maintenance.

This significant object as a visiting center for families will create treasurable lifetime memories and we in Vecta Design are proud to have contributed to it.

When starting to project a new building, each architect and designer should first analyze what are the space users' expectations throughout the most crucial moments of the day or regarding the visiting experience. Through the relations individuals establish with the layout, dimensions, materials, light and visual rhythm of the spaces, these spaces can make the invisible visible and enable to generate positive emotions and feelings every time one spends a moment or two in the room.


March 30.2020

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