Vecta Design



Vecta Design is the only certified stretch ceilings manufacturer in Estonia:

Vecta Design stretch ceilings have welding after every 200cm because certified and safe materials are only maximum 200cm wide. Manufacturers who offer materials wider than 200cm, are not certified for stretch ceilings production and these materials are not safe. To protect its Trade Mark, has Vecta Design its name on stretch ceilings harpoon.

Vecta Design stretch ceilings are tested according to European stretch ceilings standard  EN 14716:2004 which means, that Vecta Design stretch ceilings correspond to  the highest safety standards.  


Certificates and tests:

  • EC Certificate of Conformity: 1488-CPR-0342/W
  • Test for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials UL723: 20140529 - R27742
  • Resistance of Semi-Rigid PVC to Microorganisms RFLT 2608/PA-09-068: Resisted growth throughout testing
  • Dimensional stability after exposure to humidity N021377: Confirm to the EN 14716
  • Reaction to fire tests for building products PN-EN 13823: 2010: Did not appear
  • Fire classification of construction products and building elements EN 13501-1+A1 2010: B-s1 d0
  • Fire classification of construction products and building elements EN 13501-1 2002: B-s2 d0
  • The emission of total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) ISO 16000: A+
  • Measurement of sound absorption for perforated stretch ceilings EN ISO 354: Class A
  • Migration of Heavy Metals EN 12149: Passed
  • Breaking strength and elongation at break PN-EN 14716: 2008  
  • Mass per unit area and thickness of ceilings PN-EN 14716: 2008 Annex B
  • Heat shrinkage PN-EN 14716: 2008 Annex E 
  • Determination of operating stress PN-EN 14716: 2008 Annex B
  • Weldability of sheets assembled by the high frequency welding process PN-EN 14716: 2008 Annex F  


If you would like to see Vecta Design certificates, please contact us.